IPhoneography - Shoot. Edit. Share

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IPHONEOGRAPHY - Shoot, Edit & Share 
I personally take lots of pictures with my iphone, it's just so darn accessible! Having a camera attached to your phone sure doesn't leave room for excuses in the not photo taking department. I mean why not, snap it! Get at it! Grab that pic and share the pixels out of it! Pardon my slang but I get excited over this stuff, the idea that I can shoot a two exposure merged HDR image then edit it like a raw converter then share it in all its glory in under five minutes blows me a way, but on your phone no way! Way! Below are the steps I take when making pictures with my iPhone 4 from shooting, Editing, Apps and Sharing on your social network like Instagram and Facebook. All done in three easy steps! 
Shoot - First you need to take a picture but that art stuff I will leave up to you. For me I shoot many different subjects with my phone so I break it down in two categories, first, "Easy Light" an example of this would be bright frontal light like facing away from the sun on a nice blue day or a cloudy dull day with low contrast, in this case a single shot will work so I simply use the iphone camera. I use my finger and tap the screen over the area I want exposed and well focused. Second is "Hard Light" an example would be a backlit sunset or sunrise with high contrast. Here I like an app called HDR Pro, it combines two images to make a single shot, this is called High Dynamic Range Photography. The two merged exposures form a single exposure capturing both shadows and highlights. Once you decide on which way to shoot, single image or HDR then tap the screen and take the shot. Also make sure to turn off your flash.
Edit - Now that you have captured a great photo with the best possible exposure your phone camera will allow lets do some quick editing. The app I like to use most often is called Picshop Light, it's easy to use, super cheap and most importantly does the basic edits I like with out down resing the finished image to much. For me I typically will only do a few quick edits to contrast, color saturation, and brightness. I also can use this app for straightening the horizon line, cropping and sharpening when necessary. The app also does have a number of cool built in filters so you can play around and find one that suites the image and gives it the look your after. Once I finish this edit I save the image in the highest setting to preserve all the resolution. The awesome thing here is it makes a copy so you always have the original as a back up! 
Share - Now that we have our super cool image shot and doctored up a little it's time to get it in front of the world! Well most importantly our family and friends! I would say that the two most popular social network sites right now are Instagram and Facebook. I personally use them both but prefer Instagram for my Iphone photos. For those who do not have an Instagram account first you will need to create one. Now we can share our photo on the net! Instagram uses a square format for photo display so keep that in mind when shooting or you can allow the app to crop it for you and again you will not loose your original. Once you upload your photo you can use the hashtag symbol # to keyword your image so that people searching can find it. For me hashtag examples would be #flyfishingphotography or #sacredcoast and #Vancouver to name a few. The trick is to use relevant hashtags so those that are looking for your style of photos will find them! For Facebook again you will need an account but by now I assume we all have this or have decided not to. Simply upload your photo straight from you phone and type in a caption. You can tag your friends to make sure they see it and your done! 
I find these steps to be fast, easy and most importantly super fun! The best thing is they are all done right on your phone and in under 5 minutes! I hope this will shed some light on photo taking with your phone. I use the iphone but any smart phone should do the trick!
Photo - Dave uses his iphone to grab a quick shot of Andrew from Sea Run Fly & Tackle. Aaron Goodis Photo
Equipment needed:
- Smart Phone with built in camera
- HDR Pro App
- Picshop Light App
- Instagram App
- Facebook App 
All Apps can be purchased through the itunes store!
To see my iphoneography visit my instagram http://www.instagram.com/agoodisphoto


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