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Photography Workshops - Vancouver Location's 

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Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Private, Semi Private And Group Workshops 

These Workshops focus on landscape, lifestyle and fly fishing photography and post processing.

If your interested in learning how to take your photography to the next level or looking to learn more about post processing techniques then consider booking a private, semi private or group workshop. I offer both beginner/advanced photography and post processing lessons in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. My instructional style is relaxed, casual and fun while maintaining a very technical and professional focus towards improving your skills. 

Private And Semi Private Lessons or Group Workshops, can be booked and arranged to suite your photographic requirements however I typically lean towards coastal seascape images focusing around sunrise and sunset or taking a visual journey through our coastal tempret rain forests found along the north shore of Vancouver. 

Location and Time are recommended to maximize good light and tide opportunities and or hiking times. 

What To Expect 

- a friendly, respectful and experienced instructor prepared to teach you in a casual, fun and relaxed atmosphere

- rain or shine

- hiking in and out of locations

- a strong focus towards your learning requirements

Topics Covered

- framing and composition

- manual mode and proper focus

- using f-stop, shutter speed and iso to best expose your image and artistic focus

- understanding and overcoming dynamic light and the capabilities of digital sensors

- using filters such as Graduated Neutral Density, Neutral Density and Polarizing Filters

- slow exposure photography

- shooting in raw recommended 

What You Need

- dslr camera or camera with manual control

- tripod

- filters (optional)

- popper clothing and foot ware for hiking, rain or shine and general outdoor weather

- water and snack

- transportation to and from location unless otherwise arranged


One Person $75. per hour

Two Person $95. per hour

Three Person $115. per hour 

Post Processing 

Vancouver Locations

To Book Call 604.619.5313 or email at  aarongoodisphotography@gmail.com

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Learn editing techniques used in both Lightroom and Photoshop

By now I assume you are shooting in RAW format - ever wonder what raw format actually is? Raw is a uncompressed unedited file with absolutely nothing done to it yet, it hold the most amount of "raw" data and is the best choice of file for those wanting to edit their work. The RAW is the digital negative. 

Join me and learn both basic and advanced post processing techniques that will transform your raw files into true original works of art. The raw file comes out of the camera bland and needs to be edited in order to bring back the colour, contrast and feeling that your eye and brain saw at the moment of capture. 

​I will help you realize your artistic vision through techniques that I personally use every day when editing my own photos. From the basics in colour correction, white balance, contrast, sharpness and saturation to much more advanced techniques used to digitally blend images for high dynamic range. 

- you need a computer (preferably mac) with adobe Lightroom and or Photoshop installed 

- shooting in raw recommended 


One Person    $50. per hour

Two Person    $65. per hour

Three Person $80. per hour 

Please contact me for larger group rates.